Julius Nothmann

Bornca 1840
Diedca 1885
Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Keltsch
Partner Johanna Freund (ca 1840 – )


Friederike Nothmann (31/01/1869 – 20/08/1941)

Martha Nothmann (02/02/1873 – 06/11/1956)

Joseph Louis Nothmann (23/11/1875 – )

Rosalie Nothmann (22/01/1877 – )


Julius Nothmann and Johanna geb. Freund are named as the parents on the marriage certificates of Friderike, Joseph and Rosalie. Their marriage certificates, (the earliest - Friederike's - dating from 1892) all say that Julius was dead and last lived in Keltsch.

Martha is added as their daughter on the basis of Jorge Lucas Vargas Sardón's family tree at ancestry.co.uk; for more of Julius' children please see this tree or ziggybrou's family tree at ancestry.co.uk.

Probably identical to this namesake, whose gravestone is to be found in the Jewish cemetery in Wielowies, a couple of miles from Keltsch.


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