Jettel (Gutel) Cohn

Bornca 1785
? FatherJacob Cohn (ca 1760 – ) 
? Mother 
Partner Sebastian David Steinitz (ca 1785 – )


Minna Steinitz (1808-09 – 20/11/1832)

David Steinitz (1810-11 – )

Hanna Steinitz (28/01/1815 – )

Simon (Schaye) Steinitz (14/03/1818 – )

Isaac Steinitz (08/12/1820 – )

Marianne Steinitz (15/02/1823 – 01/03/1823)

Marjana Steinitz (23/07/1824 – )


Resident in Langendorf at the birth of her children between 1815 and 1824, it is tempting to speculate a descent from Joel Loebel Cohn, resident of Langendorf and the first person in his family to take the surname Cohn. The record of Marjana's birth has a note that the mother's father is Jacob.

Her father may equate to Joel's brother Hirschel (Jacob?) Katz, born ca 1745. Although Joel and Hirschel (Jacob?) were obliged to adopt different surnames, their Hebrew roots are identical: Cohn equates to kohen (priest) while Katz is a contraction of the paternal title kohen zedek (righteous priest). In 1830 we see an example of the fluidity of the Katz / Cohn surnames: Loebel Jacob is registered as "Katz al[ias] Cohn", and although his father is named Katz his children are named Cohn in the JRI-Poland birth records.

A second, and I think more likely candidate for her father is the Jacob Cohn named as the father of Loebel Cohn who could have been born around 1760.

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