Jacob Cohn

Bornca 1760
? FatherJoel Loebel Cohn (1743 – 1832) 
? MotherCharlotte Rudner (1742-43 – 01/12/1827) 


Jettel (Gutel) Cohn (ca 1785 – )

Partner Pine Nothmann (ca 1760 – )


Loebel Cohn (1790-93 – 08/10/1834)


Named in son Loebel's marriage record. Given that the record names Loebel's mother as a Nothmann, I assume Jacob and Pine were cousins, Jacob being a son of the first Cohn in the family, Joel Loebel.

Jettel's father is identified as Jacob in a note in the record of her daughter Marjana's birth; this Jacob is the only one I know of in the right time and place, so I have made a tentative connection.

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