Eva Wachsner

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
FatherIsaac Wachsner (10/03/1788 – ) 
MotherSorel Tichauer (06/05/1792 – ) 
Partner Hirschel (Zvi) Nothmann (14/02/1807 – 13/09/1881)

Married 03/09/1860 Poland, Schlesien, Pless



Isaac (Ino) Nothmann (21/12/1861 – 12/02/1914)

Selma Nothmann (03/04/1863 – )

Mathilde Nothmann (17/08/1865 – 11/08/1939)


Hirsch Nothmann's second wife is named variously as "Eva Wachsmann" and "Eva Wachsner" in the "Nothmann Chronicle", and as Ida Wachsner in bielschowsky.nl.

JRI-Poland records the marriage on 03/09/1860 of Hirschel Nothmann of Myslowitz aged 51 years and Eva Waschner of Berun aged 30 years, daughter of Isaac.

I found a gravestone for Eva Nothmann geb. Wachsner in Myslowitz cemetery, alongside that of Hirshel Nothmann. Subsequent renovation of the cemetery in 2013 revealed a second, solitary, gravestone for her. The solitary memorial has protruding screws in each corner of the two inscribed panels, suggesting that a covering had been fixed over the inscriptions at some time.

The date of death on both stones - 03/11/1903, given in both Hebrew and Western calendars - contradicts the "Nothmann Chronicle" which claims she died in 1881. According to his gravestone, Hirsch died in 1881, which may account for the confusion.

Both of her gravestones also say that Eva died in her 74th year (that is, 73 years old), so she was born in 1829-30. The marriage record also points to Eva being born in 1829-30. At least one of her gravestones names her father as Isaac, agreeing with the marriage record. The Pless family records lists the family of Isaac Wachsner in Berun and gives Eva's date of birth as 01/11/1829.

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