Viktor Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherIsaac Samuel Nothmann (.../09/1805 – 11/03/1860) 
MotherLina (Caroline) Ring (ca 1806 – 03/01/1879) 
Partner Emma Waegli (1855 – 10/04/1928)


Viktor Nothmann (02/03/1880 – )

Gaston Nothmann (1889-90 – )

Armando Nothmann (1890-91 – )

Carmen Nothmann (1895 – )


Emigrated to Brazil and founded the fabric wholesale company Victor Nothmann & Co. in Sao Paulo. Commemorated there for his involvement in the development of the city (notably the Campos Elíseos (Champs Elysees) neighborhood) by a plaque and various place and street names including Silva Polnte da Nothmann and Alamada Nothmann. One of several founders of Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro.

Felix Auerbach's 1905 Silbergliet - Nothmann tree gives his years of birth and death and names his spouse Emma and his children as Viktor, Gaston, Armando and Carmel.

Gaston (aged 11 years), Armand (9) and Carmel (5) sailed from Rio de Janeiro to Liverpool with a Mr Nothmann (33) in 1901. An Emma Nothmann (aged 43 years) and Carmen (aged 19 years) arrived in Liverpool from Rio de Janeiro in September 1914. From these records we can establish the following birth years:
  • "Mr Nothmann": 1867-68,
  • Emma: 1870-71,
  • Gaston: 1889-90,
  • Armando: 1891-92,
  • Carmen: 1895.

The Emma in the passenger list seems an unlikely candidate to be Viktor's wife - she is 30 years his junior; she may be the wife of the "Mr Nothmann" who, in turn, may be Viktor's namesake son.

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