Viktor Nothmann

Brazil, Sao Paulo
FatherViktor Nothmann (11/12/1841 – .../09/1905) 
MotherEmma Waegli (1855 – 10/04/1928) 
Partner Elise Noelie Fabre (27/12/1896 – )

Married 30/09/1937 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro


Partner Edith Constance Fraenkl (1879-80 – 1934)

Married 1911 UK, London


General Register Office (UK) 1911 Q2, Kensington volume 1a page 418.


Aged 12 when he sailed, apparently unaccompanied, from Santos to Southampton in 1892, so born 1879-80. Single when he sailed from Liverpool to Rio de Janeiro in 1898. Aged 20 years and travelling first class when he sailed from Hamburg to Santos 1900, so again born in 1879-80.

The record of his second marriage (30/09/1937) gives his place and date of birth as "...natural do Estado de Sao Paulo nacido no dia dois de março de mil oitocentos e oitenta" (native of Sao Paulo born on 2 March 1880) and names his parents as Victor Nothmann and Emma Nothmann Waegli. Later it describes him as "viúvo de Edith Constance Nothmann fallecido na Inglaterra" (widow of Edith Constance Nothmann deceased in England).

Edith's marriage to Victor in 1911 and her death in 1934 are recorded in General Register Office (UK) records.

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Felix Auerbach's 1905 Silbergliet - Nothmann tree.
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