David Staub

Poland, Schlesien, Berun
Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
? FatherIsrael Staub (1732 – 24/03/1815) 
? MotherZlotte (1738 – 30/06/1814) 
Partner Dorel Wittner (27/05/1790 – 15/07/1862)


Selma Staub (04/04/1817 – )

Moses Hirschel Staub (20/06/1819 – )

Charlotte Staub (25/02/1821 – 09/10/1871)

Friederike (Rickel) Staub (02/03/1822 – 18/04/1884)

Samuel Staub (1823-25 – 1880-81)

Rebeka Staub (12/02/1823 – )

Meyer Staub (10/11/1826 – 17/01/1901)

Joab Staub (19/01/1829 – 28/05/1876)

Markus Nathan Staub (23/12/1831 – 16/02/1905)


Moved to Sohrau from Nicolai on 07/04/1836.

Named as the father of Markus Staub on Markus' gravestone, and of Meyer in the Gleiwitz ul. Na Piasku cemetery records.

MT gives the place of birth of two of his children as Sohrau. Gmina Wyznania Mojżeszowego w Żorach 1511-1940 by Jan Delowicz lists the children of a David Staub and Dorel Wittwer (sic) which include Rebeka, Meyer and Marcus Nathan all born within months of the dates given in MT for Rickel, Meyer and Nathan.

The fact that Delowicz gives David's date of death suggests he died in Sohrau; furthermore, his son Joab's death certificate says that he was last resident in
Sohrau. However Staub-Cohn family tree from DSW, a grandson of Kathe Mueller geb. Staub says he died in Nicolai.

The dates of birth for David's children shown here are taken from MT; the dates for David and Dorel are taken from Delowicz and, with less certainty, from Gleiwitz ul. Na Piasku cemetery records.

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