Isaac (J.J.) Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Ksionslas (Schlesien)
FatherJosef Nothmann (10/08/1775 – 15/08/1859) 
MotherCharlotte (Chaja) Cohn (14/01/1779 – 10/01/1848) 
Partner Rosel Kornblum (ca 1810 – )


Jenny Nothmann (1844 – 17/05/1932)

Leopold Nothmann (09/09/1848 – )


Jenny's marriage record names her parents as J.J. Nothman and Rosel Kornblum. Leopold's marriage certificate names his parents as Isaac Josef Nothman and Rosel Kornblum - with the "I" of Isaac being identical to the "J" of Josef.

Jenny's marriage to a Gassmann strongly suggests that her father is a grandson of Jesaia-Schaye Nothmann, the founder of the Nothmann family and brother of the founder of the Gassmann family. Given the patronym of Josef, and the fact that Jesaia's son Josef had a son called Isaac I assume that the latter is the father of Jenny and Leopold. This assumption is shared by a tree on

Possibly also the father of August Nothmann and so one-time husband of Henriette Kaiser.


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