Hendel Mueller/Ostrowska

Bornca 1830
Poland, Schlesien, Schwientochlowitz, Lipine
Partner Benjamin Markiewitz (1826-27 – )


Heimann Markiewitz (04/05/1853 – )

Leopold (Lieb) Markiewitz (06/02/1856 – 29/01/1942)

Rifke Markiewitz (07/11/1863 – )

Benno (Baruch) Markiewitz (29/10/1866 – 05/04/1943)


Named on son Baruch's marriage certificate as Hendel Ostrowska. At the time of his marriage (1918) Benjamin and Hendel were both dead; Benjamin last lived in Ostrowo and Hendel in Lipine, an area of present day Schwientochlowitz bordering on Beuthen.

These details bear a remarkable similarity to those recorded in the 1919 marriage certificate of Leib Markiewicz born in Ostrowo in 1856 and living in Lipine, Kreis Beuthen at the time of his marriage; his parents were Benjamin, late of Ostrowo, and Johanna (of which Hendel is a diminutive) geb. Mueller, late of Lipine.

It is plausible that Hendel Ostrowska (literally Johanna from Ostrow) can be equated with Johanna Mueller, and I have tentatively made this association in listing their other children.

JRI-Poland has records of two children of Benjamin Markiewicz/Markiewitz (the two spellings are used interchangeably in the records) and Hannchen or Hendel Mueller marrying in Ostrowo; one of these records, from 1878, gives Benjamin's age as 51 years meaning he was born 1826-27 which would make him about 40 years old when Baruch was born; I have assumed a similar age for Hendel.

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