Benjamin Markiewitz

Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Ostrowo
Partner Hendel Mueller/Ostrowska (ca 1830 – )


Heimann Markiewitz (04/05/1853 – )

Leopold (Lieb) Markiewitz (06/02/1856 – 29/01/1942)

Rifke Markiewitz (07/11/1863 – )

Benno (Baruch) Markiewitz (29/10/1866 – 05/04/1943)


Named on son Baruch's marriage certificate. At the time of his marriage (1918) Baruch and Hendel were both dead; Baruch last lived in Ostrowo and Hendel in Lipine.

The spelling of his surname takes the interchangeable forms "Markiewitz" and "Markiewicz" in the records.

Benjamin was aged 51 years at the time of his (assumed) son Heimann's 1878 marriage, so born 1826-27.

JRI-Poland records the death in Ostrowo in March 1887 of a Benjamin Markiewitz aged 61 years 6 months 2 days, so he was born in late 1825. This Benjamin, whose parents are recorded as Heimann and Ricke, was married to Hannchen Nachmann. Nachmann may have been Hendel's patronymic.

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