Benno Markiewitz

Bornca 1867
Diedca 1914
Partner Hedwig Borinski (23/02/1867 – 1942)


Arwed Markiewitz (ca 1893 – ca 1942)

Johanna Markiewitz (01/03/1895 – ca 1942)

Siegfried Markiewitz (03/09/1896 – 04/09/1977)


A Benno Markiewitz is listed in the 1910 Kattowitz address book as a businessman of Grundmannstrasse 36; this is consistent with the births of Johanna (1895) and Siegfried (1896) close to Kattowitz. He is absent from the 1914 Kattowitz address book.

His wife, Hedwig, is listed under her own maiden and married names as a widow in the 1927 Berlin address book; she is listed at the same address as far back as 1917, which suggests Benno died before then. records a Benno Markiewitz in the Breslau address books from 1911 to 1918.

A Benno Markiewitz first appears in the Berlin address books in 1919 to 1940. The 1939 Berlin address book lists him at Sybelstrasse 68. A Baruch Markiewitz is listed in 1939 census of Berlin at Sybelstrasse 68, but the source for this does not list a Benno Markiewitz; it is likely that they are the same person. Baruch was born on 29/10/1866 in Ostrow and shared the address with a Marie Markiewitz née Krakauer born in 1868. It seems that this must be a different person from Hedwig's husband, unless (a) the 1927 entry listing her as a widow is wrong and she is in fact separated or divorced, (b) following their separation Benno followed Hedwig to Berlin and (c) Benno re-married.

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