David Brauer

Poland, Schlesien, Ober Lazisk
FatherSimon Brauer (26/02/1825 – ) 
MotherRosel Loewy (02/07/1814 – 04/09/1858) 
Partner Rosalie Guttmann (ca 1855 – )



Hulda Brauer (09/12/1877 – )

Regina Brauer (28/03/1879 – ca 1942)

Louis Brauer (09/02/1880 – )

Paula Brauer (19/06/1881 – ca 1942)

Laura Brauer (06/10/1882 – 26/05/1926)

Friederich Brauer (19/01/1889 – )


David moved to Gleiwitz from Guhrau in July 1925, returning to Guhrau at the end of the year. In 1927 he was again living in Gleiwitz; his subsequent whereabouts are described as "unbekannt" (unknown). In both visits to Gleiwitz the addresses he stayed at also appear on Friedrich Brauer's and Anna Brauer geb. Apt's residence cards.

Friedrich was born in Sohrau and, according to Delowicz's history of that town's Jewish community, his parents were David Brauer and Rosalie Guttmann. On this basis, I have identified this Dawid with Friedrich's father.

According to Delowicz, Dawid was a restaurateur in Sohrau and former innkeeper.

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