Rosalie Leuchter

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
FatherFabian Leichter (1758-59 – 28/12/1825) 
MotherRosel Itczinger (1768 – 06/12/1820) 
Partner Moritz Abraham Schaefer (ca 1800 – )

Married 28/08/1824



Rosalie Schaefer (25/10/1825 – 28/10/1898)

Louise Schaefer (1835-36 – )

Caroline Schaefer (1837 – )


JRI-Poland records the marriages of Rosalie junior and names her father as Moritz Abraham SCHAEFER. JRI-Poland does not record the birth of Rosalie junior but does record the mariages of Caroline and Louise and names their parents as Moritz Abraham SCHAEFER and Rosalie LEUCHTER.

The Myslowitz Jewish death records include the death of Rosalie SCHAEFER geb. LEUCHTER, spouse of M A SCHAEFER on 04/06/1874 aged 77 years.

Her surname is rendered as LEICHTER in the JRI-Poland record of her marriage, which also identifies her as belonging to Rybnik family number 6; of the seven records transcribed in JRI-Poland relating to this family, three render the surname as LEICHTER and four as LEUCHTER. The same is true of other branches of the family; I have used LEUCHTER consistently, regardless of the spelling used in the transcriptions.

My 3 x great grandmother.

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