Moritz Abraham Schaefer

Bornca 1800
FatherAbraham Schaefer (ca 1770 – ) 
Partner Rosalie Leuchter (1796-97 – 04/06/1874)

Married 28/08/1824



Rosalie Schaefer (25/10/1825 – 28/10/1898)

Louise Schaefer (1835-36 – )

Caroline Schaefer (1837 – )


IGI names the father of Rosalie Schaefer as Moritz Jacob SCHAEFER. But according to the record of her marriage to Albert Danziger, he was Moritz Abraham SCHAEFER. It is possible that Moritz used two "second" names: a Hebrew name for himself and his patronym, and so Moritz Jacob and Moritz Abraham could have been the same person. However, I doubt this for the following reason.

JRI-Poland has Myslowitz records of the birth of Julius SCHAEFER in 1851 and Armand SCHAEFER in 1852 as well as records of the deaths of both Julius and Armand in 1853; all four records name the father as Moritz SCHAEFER or Moritz Jacob SCHAEFER and the mother as Rosalie ALTSMANN, Rosalie ALSMANN or Rosalie ALTZMANN. Armand's and Julius' births are quarter of a century after the birth of Rosalie junior. This would be consistent with Moritz remarrying, but the records of Rosalie SCHAEFER geb. LEUCHTER's death in 1874, naming M A SCHAEFER as her spouse, suggests that this is not the case.

A cloth merchant from Myslowitz when he married.

Moritz Jacob Schaefer is mentioned as a leading member of the Jewish community in Myslowitz in 1854, along with (among others) Loebel and Moritz Danziger.

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