Hugo Translateur

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Germany, Berlin
FatherAdam Translateur (18/01/1846 – ) 
MotherErnestine (Esther) Markowitz (ca 1847 – 14/03/1882) 
Partner Doris (Karin) Mendelsohn (01/06/1886 – )

Married 12/03/1935 Germany, Berlin, Charlottenburg



According to a testimonial by a family member, Hugo, son of Adam and Goldin geb. Fridlander (sic) was born on 02/10/1883 and died single. Therefore at first glance he is not to be identified with "this" Hugo, born in Langendorf 1880, who married one Doris Gumpert geb. Mendelsohn in Berlin in 1935, even though the marriage was witnessed by an Adolf Translateur of Berlin whose age - 68 years - makes him likely to be "this" Hugo's half-brother.

The date of birth given in the testimonial actually belongs to a namesake, and is recorded in his marriage certificate. It appears that the author of the testimonial has conflated two people of the same name. It is therefore most likely that the subject of the testimonial is, in fact, the husband of Doris Gumpert geb. Mendelsohn. Given the date of Adam's marriage to Goldine (1882), it is most likely that although Goldine was the mother-figure, Hugo was actually born to Adam's first wife, Ernestine.

A descendant has confirmed that the date of birth on the testimonial is incorrect, that the subject of the testimonial was indeed a son of Adam and that he did in fact marry a Gumpert (known as Karin); he also confirmed that they had no children.

A leather trader in Zabzre in the 1920s.

A note on the birth certificate records his death in Berlin in 1937.

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