Jacob Schindler

Bornca 1810


Babette Schindler (12/08/1820 – )

Joachim Schindler (13/09/1826 – )

Simon Schindler (13/09/1827 – )

Moses Schindler (27/09/1829 – )

Eva Schindler (24/04/1833 – )

Partner Rosalie Berger (ca 1810 – )


Mayer Schindler (16/01/1836 – )

Kiwe Schindler (22/02/1838 – )

Samuel Schindler (05/04/1840 – )

Ernestine (Pinna) Schindler (1841-42 – )


Records in JRI-Poland track the movement of the family; these records give the dates of birth of the children, identify Jacob's father and give his wife's maiden name.

In January 1835 Jacob, widower, son of Mayer, arrived in Kieferstaedtel from Drathammer (Lublinitz), and was registered along with children Babbette, Joachim (in Klein-Anniesc (Gross Strehlitz) with his brother Jonas), Simon (in school at Gleiwitz), Moses and Eva.

In July 1836 son of Mayer and now married to his second wife Rosel Berger, left Kieferstaedtel bound for Tychau with children Babbette, Joachim, Simon, Moses, Eva, Mayer.

In February 1840 Jacob, son of Mayer and his wife Rosel Berger, arrived in Tychau from Kieferstaedtel and registered with children Babbette (in service), Joachim, Simon, Moses, Eva, Mayer and Kiwe.

Jacob was dead when daughter Ernestine married in May 1866.

In October 1840 Jacob, son of Mayer and his wife Rosel Berger, left Kieferstaedtel bound for Ratibor with children Eva, Mayer, Kiwe and Samuel. Of their previously registered children, Babette had moved to Zaledzie (Beuthen), Joachim was learning the art of weaving and remained in Kieferstaedtel, Simon had moved to Schwientochlowitz (Beuthen) and Moses was in school and remained in Kieferstaedtel.


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