Fritz Schmuel Borinski

FatherPaul Borinski (27/04/1881 – ca 1943) 
MotherAlice Rosa Birnbaum (05/07/1892 – 03/03/1943) 
Partner Channa Silberzweig (15/07/1919 – 28/11/1998)


Came to Israel (then Palastine) in 1938 and joined a Kibbutz.

Schmuel and Channah are buried in adjacent plots in Kfar Saba Nordau Old Cemetery, Israel. The gravestone inscriptions read "Shmuel ben Paul and Alice Borinsky who perished in the Holocaust" and "Hannah, daughter of Tzivia and Ephraim Zilbertswig and wife of Shmuel, who perished in the Holocaust".

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Borinski reunion in Israel organised by Annelise (Ora) Borinski in 1982;
email from [TB] May 8, 2011 3:33 pm; - photo.

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