Jacob Schaeftel (Kallmann) Schindler

Bornca 1790
? FatherJacob Kallmann Schindler (ca 1765 – ) 
? Mother 
Partner Sorel Oppenheimer (1786-87 – 10/08/1847)


Ernestine Schindler (05/06/1819 – 22/12/1822)

Kallmann Schindler (12/12/1821 – 24/08/1842)

Moses Schindler (12/12/1821 – )


1819, 1821: butcher.

Named as Jacob or Jacob Schaeftel at the birth of his children, but as Kallmann at the death of Ernestine. in the latter record, Kallmann is also a butcher, married to an Oppenheimer, and his daughter Ernestine died in December 1822 aged 3.5 years so born mid-1819, all of which agrees with the facts concerning Jacob Schaeftel.

Named as butcher Scheftel Kallmann when his son Kallmann died and as Scheftel when his wife died.

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