Isaac Kallmann Schindler

Bornca 1750


Jacob Schaeftel (Kallmann) Schindler (1781-82 – )

Partner Rachel Kaiser (ca 1760 – 17/01/1836)


Feigele Schindler (1801-02 – )

Rosalie Schindler (17/05/1812 – )

Therese Schindler (1821-22 – 12/10/1827)


1827: butcher.

Isaak Kallmann Schindler, a butcher of Langendorf is named as the father of Jakob in the latter's marriage record; the record says that Jakob's mother is dead. Jakob was 36 years old when he married in 1818, so born 1781-82. From this I infer that Isaak married Rahel Kaiser (died 1836) following the death of an earlier wife, the mother of Jakob.

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