Selma Rosenbaum

Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen, Scharley
Diedca 1943
Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp
Partner Richard Apt (15/01/1874 – before 1945)

Married 06/04/1911 Poland, Schlesien, Breslau



[illegible] Apt (06/12/1915 – )

Kaethe Apt (13/05/1918 – )


Parents: Emil Rosenbaum and Johanna (Rikel) geb. Jany of Breslau.

According to the Yad Vashem testimonial, Selma was a widow and seamstress and lived in Kattowitz and, during the war, in Breslau. The testimonial is one of several submitted by Selma's brother-in-law, Siegfried Apt. Kaethe Danziger (geb. Halberstaedter)’s "Bertha Gassmann" notes names Siegfried and Richard as brothers.

The 1914 Kattowitz address book lists a Richard Apt, businessman, at Holtzestrasse 35.

The Breslau synagogue address list of ca 1930 includes Richard and Selma Apt geb. Rosenbaum at Freiburgerstrasse 32 and gives her date of birth which agrees with that on her marriage certificate.

The 1935 Breslau address book lists a Selma Apt, seamstress, at Antonienstrasse 5.

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