Siegfried Apt

Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
FatherMarkus Heinrich (Merkel Hirsch) Apt (17/05/1839 – 08/02/1929) 
MotherLina Hamburger (08/09/1843 – 03/08/1894) 
Partner Rosa Cohn (17/07/1876 – )

Married 1900



Aged 29 when he married in 1900. I assume the tandem, offered for sale the previous May, was not to Rosa's liking.

A Siegfried Apt, agent, is recorded in the 1905 Gleiwitz address book (page 98), but not in the 1907 or subsequent editions.

In 1911, when he witnessed his brother Richard's marriage, his residence was given as Breslau. An anniversary is mentioned in's survey of aufbau which places Siegfried and Rosa in Breslau. A reward notice appeared in 1918 giving his address as Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 76; in ca 1930 Siegfried and Rosa were recorded in the Breslau synagogue community address list (ca 1930) at the same address, and a letter from Siegfried dated 17/03/1932 relates to his brother Richard and gives that as his address.

The 1935 Breslau address book lists them at Auguststrasse 53.

Siegfried wrote Yad Vashem testimonials about his brothers from Israel in 1956.

SS in Berlin emailed me:

Your Siegfried Apt was married to my maternal grandfather's second cousin Rosa Cohn. Her niece Edith Emilie W[eissenberg] née Cohn wrote this in 1988:
"Theirs is quite a story: - Siegfried was the black sheep of the family, stowed away on a boat to America at the age of 16, became an American citizen and eventually returned to Germany. When the Deportations began, he remembered his lapsed American citizenship, went to the American authorities, who, in order to save him and his wife, recognised him as an American. Both survived the war in a camp for foreigners in Bavaria. After the war they were transferred to a D.P. camp in North Africa from where they went to Israel to live with Rosa's youngest brother Heinrich and his second wife. Both died there, Siegfried in his ninetieth year. PS: Rosa's "Judenpass" with the red J and Rosa Sarah Apt is exhibited in the Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem."

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