Henriette Eisner

Poland, Schlesien, Preiswitz
Poland, Schlesien, Hindenburg
? FatherLoebel Eisner (03/07/1802 – ) 
? MotherHandel Fraenkel (1803 – ) 
Partner Bernhard Steuer (1841 – 24/02/1887)

Married 27/02/1866 Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz



Eva Steuer (29/10/1866 – )

Sigfried Steuer (05/01/1868 – )

Friederike Steuer (14/06/1869 – 09/01/1874)

Rosalie Steuer (24/08/1870 – 22/11/1870)

Emilie Steuer (1871 – 30/01/1872)

Lina Steuer (24/12/1874 – 26/03/1943)

Max Steuer (07/03/1879 – 29/10/1942)


Her death certificate says that she was born in Preiswitz, her married name was Steuer, and that she died a widow aged 89 years; this means she was born in 1840-41.

The record of the marriage of Jettel Eisner from Preiswitz and Bernhard Steuer in 1866 says that Jettel was aged 25 years so she was born 1840-41. It names her parents as Loebel, a butcher and Handel Freund.

I can find no other records of the parents; however JRI-Poland has a record of the birth in 1841 of Jettel Eisner to Loebel, a butcher and innkeeper of Preiswitz and Hannel Fraenkel; this leads me to believe that the reference to Handel Freund may be a corruption of Hannel Fraenkel.

The date of birth shown here is that of the daughter of Loebel and Hannel geb. Fraenkel in JRI-Poland. muzeumzabrze.pl agrees that her father was Loebel and that she was born in Preiswitz, but gives a date of birth of 11/12/1840.

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