Frederick MacFarlane

UK, East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull
MotherHannah Sophia MacFarlane (1833 – ) 
Partner Rose Miller (1857 – ca 1893)

Married 13/12/1880 UK, Gtr Manchester, Collyhurst, Albert Memorial Church



Annie Robinson (1880 – )

Louie Robinson (1881-82 – )

Nellie Robinson (1882-83 – )

Fanny Robinson (1887 – )

Bertha Robinson (1891 – )

Partner Ellen Burke (1861-64 – )

Married 13/11/1895 UK, Gtr Manchester, Newton, St Edmund's Church



Frederick Robinson (08/11/1899 – 11/04/1965)

Elizabeth Robinson (25/09/1901 – 25/07/1971)


Birth certificate - father not named

1871 census: 9 Bibby Street,
1881 census: 43 Knightley Street,
Harpurhey, Manchester

Living with his mother and siblings

1891 census: 33 Buckley Street,
Collyhurst, Manchester
1901 census: 50 Stowell Street,
Weaste, Salford
1911 census: 42 Bridson Street,
Pendleton, Salford
Living with his first and second wives and children

1871: errand boy aged 14 years;
1881: fireman aged 23 years;
1891: engine driver aged 32 years;
1901: mechanical engineer aged 42 years.
1911: stationary engineman aged 52 years.

Making the links
  • Family knowledge asserts that Annie Robinson, a daughter of Frederick Robinson (b. ca 1860) from his first marriage, married Fred Pickford. Family knowledge also asserts that the second wife of Frederick Robinson (b. ca 1860) was Ellen Burke, and that the family lived in Weaste.
  • The presence in the 1911 census of two unmarried Robinson girls living with Fred and Annie Pickford who are described as "wife's sister" confirms that Annie Pickford's maiden name is Robinson.
  • The presence in the same census return of a Hannah Hallam described as "wife's grandma" provides a crucial link to the previous generations.
  • Among the various records of people called Hannah Hallam in the right time and area is the marriage of a widowed Hannah Robinson to James Hallam in 1885; both were living at 43 Knightley Street, Harpurhey at the time.
  • The census return for this address in 1881 shows Frederick Robinson (born in Hull in ca. 1860) and his wife Rose were living with his widowed mother Hannah, his siblings and Hannah's 8 month old granddaughter Annie.
  • Frederick Robinson (b. ca 1860) can be traced through the census returns from 1871 to 1911, and is easily recognised due to his being born in Hull even though the rest of his siblings and children were born in what is now Greater Manchester.
  • The 1901 census shows Frederick now living with his second wife; his daughter Fanny is present on both this and the 1891 census. His younger daughter, Bertha, is suspected to have died in 1892 shortly after the death of Frederick's first wife, probably from consequences of Bertha's birth.
  • The 1871 census shows the family living in Salford, next-door to James Hallam.


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