Marie Steinitz

Bornca 1830
Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
Partner Loebel Nothmann (16/02/1826 – 16/03/1861)


Salomon Nothmann (1853-54 – 10/05/1893)

Marta Mathilde Nothmann (09/12/1859 – 28/05/1940)

Josef Nothmann (15/12/1861 – 22/02/1941)


Named as the mother of Salomon and Mathilde in their death certificates.

Salomon's death certificate names her Marie Schwarz; the transcription of Salomon's 1883 marriage names her Marie Steinitz. Both records name the same father and wife.

Mathilde's death certificate names her Marie Steinitz and gives Marie's place of death as Breslau. Nothmann Family Collection, 1978 also names her as Marie Steinitz and agrees that she died in Breslau.

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