Martha Mathilde Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Lublinitz
Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherLoebel Nothmann (16/02/1826 – 16/03/1861) 
MotherMarie Steinitz or Schwarz (ca 1830 – ) 


Died in the Jewish old people's home in Gleiwitz. Her death certificate says that she was not married and gives her dates and her parents.

Her Gleiwitz residence card agrees with her death certificate in all respects except for her date of birth, which it shows as 09/12/1859, 2 days earlier than stated on her death certificate, and her name which is given as Martha whereas on the death certificate she is Mathilde.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - Gleiwitz residence card.

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