Philippine Riesenfeld

Poland, Schlesien, Georgenberg
Poland, Schlesien, Hindenburg
FatherLazarus (Leiser, Leopold) Riesenfeld (1779-83 – 05/11/1845) 
MotherEva Gassmann (ca 1780 – ) 
Partner Leopold Brauer (1837-38 – )

Married 12/03/1867


JRI-Poland, Orzech record.


Salo Brauer (1865-66 – 15/03/1869)

Rosalie Brauer (01/11/1865 – )

Louis Brauer (ca 1866 – 28/12/1899)

Emma Brauer (26/04/1868 – 07/03/1894)

Hulda Brauer (27/05/1869 – 10/03/1870)

Laura Brauer (13/08/1873 – 02/08/1895)


Her death certificate names her husband as Leopold Brauer and names her parents as Leopold Riesenfeld and Rosalie geb. Gassmann.

The marriage certificate which I assume relates to her names her as Pine, her husband as Leopold Brauer, and her parents as Lazarus Riesenfeld and Eva geb. Gassmann. The death and marriage certificates differ only in the use of the diminutive Pine for Philippine and the use of German in place of Hebrew names for her parents.

According to her death certificate, she died aged 87 years 9 months so born 1830. However, Her death announcement shown at says she died in her 84th year, so born 1834-35. Furthermore, the marriage record says she was aged 31 years when she married in 1867, so born 1835-36. With two records spanning the year 1835 as her year of birth, this seems the more likely choice; however that would give her mother a childbearing span of 28 years.

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