Leo Borinski

FatherMax Borinski (15/04/1850 ‑ 19/11/1914) 
MotherSophie (Fanny) Falk (14/05/1871 ‑ 23/01/1943) 
Partner Rose Sussmann (1904-05 ‑ 17/05/1929)



KH tells us that he was a doctor, married to Rose Sussmann. Details of Rose's burial record confirm that her husband was a doctor named Borinski.

SF's research into the Falk family gives his date of birth to Max Borinski and Sophie Falk.

The list of Jewish ophthalmologists includes a Leo Borinksi of the same date of birth and places him in Beuthen; the 1937 phone book gives his address as Bahnhoffstrasse 1.

He studied at Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Breslau, where his doctoral thesis Der intraoculare Druck beim Diabetes was published in 1925.

In 1927 he secured a position as an assistant doctor in the gynaecology department of the Israelitischen Kranken-Verpflegungs-Anstalt und Beerdigungs-Gesellschaft in Breslau. In related correspondence, he gives his address as Rehdigerstrasse 15; this address was occupied in the late ca 1930 by mother, his brother Alfred and Alfred's wife.


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