Rose Sussmann

Germany, Berlin
FatherEduard Sussmann (28/05/1866 ‑ 08/03/1935) 
MotherPaula Borinski (18/09/1877 ‑ 1944-45) 
Partner Leo Borinski (16/04/1899 ‑ )



KH tells us that she died childless aged 21 years., citing community records relating to her death and burial, gives her date of death as 17/05/1929 and says she was born about 1905; from this I conclude that the record actually says she died aged 24 years.

Buried in the Neuer Friedhof, Leobschuetz, along with her father and brother Hans.

KH may have confused her untimely death with that of her brother Hans, who also died aged 21 years.


Kaethe Halberstaedter’s "Borinski" notes;
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