Siegfried Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
Germany, Berlin, Wilmersdorf
FatherIsaac Samuel Nothmann (.../09/1805 – 11/03/1860) 
MotherLina (Caroline) Ring (ca 1806 – 03/01/1879) 
Partner Esther Dinin (09/01/1857 – )

Married 17/06/1879 France, Paris

Source - Anna Auerbach geb. Silbergleit: Die Chronik der Familie Silbergleit, 1905, page 49.


Martin Nothmann (1894 – )


The "Nothmann Chronicle" says that the brothers Maximiliam and Siegfried were successful in Rio de Janeiro "... first through their import business, but not much later through building factories for the manufacture of sewing machines... Max and Siegfied extended their enterprise to Buenos Aires, and later expanded their business to include the manufacture of bicycles."

The "Nothmann Chronicle" gives his year of death as 1900, the updated version of Felix Auerbach's 1905 Silbergleit - Nothmann tree that I have seen says 1908. His death certificate says 1909 aged 63 years, so born 1845-46.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

Felix Auerbach's 1905 Silbergliet - Nothmann tree; - Gleiwitz Jewish registers;
Sonja Delander: Nothmann Chronicle, 1974.

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