Mathes (Mathias) Froehlich

Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz, Brzezinka
Father Froehlich (ca 1770 – before 1815) 
MotherHenriette Magdalene (1778-79 – 01/11/1830) 
Partner Hanne Hausdorff (15/04/1805 – )

Married 04/11/1824



Salomon Borinski (31/12/1825 – )

Catharina Borinski (07/08/1829 – )

Jettel Borinski (01/11/1831 – )

Susel Borinski (21/04/1836 – )

Rifka Borinski (15/08/1838 – )

Elias Borinski (03/12/1840 – )


One of twins.

His surname is assumed to have been Froehlich at birth, but he was known as Borinski, in common with his twin sister Sorel and younger brother Elias after the death of their father and his mother's subsequent change of name.

Delowicz says he moved from Sohrau to Dzieckovic Kreiss Pless 01/11/1824. The Pless records note his arrival the same day and marriage 3 days later. The Pless record also shows the family subsequently moved to Brzezinka, Kreis Beuthen on 08/05/1843.

His death from a stroke was recorded in Myslowitz, citing Brzezinka as his residence.

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