Henriette Magdalene

Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
Partner Froehlich (ca 1770 – before 1815)


Mathes (Mathias) Froehlich (1801 – 28/03/1862)

Charlotte (Sorel) Froehlich (15/04/1801 – 17/02/1871)

Elias Froehlich (07/03/1804 – 10/02/1829)

Partner Borinski (ca 1770 – )


Hirschel Borinski (03/10/1806 – )

Magdalena (Amalie?) Borinski (03/10/1806 – 02/01/1848)


Her relationship to other Borinskis in Sohrau is not known for certain.

Delowicz says she was born in 1735 and died 01/11/1830.1 JRI-Poland has a record of her death on this date, but gives her ages as 61 years, implying that she was born in 1778-79. This latter (and later) date is more credible, taking into account the dates of birth given by Delowicz for her children.

Delowicz gives her children as: twins Sorel and Mathes born in 1801, Elias born 07/03/1804 and twins Hirschel and Magdalena born 03/10/1806.1

Records relating to her children Sorel2 and Elias3 refer to them as "Froehlich alias Borisnki/Borinsky". The only record I've found relating to her later children names her daughter Magdalena as "Borinsky".4 The GerSIG Name Adoption List Index (NALDEX) notes that Magdalena was a widow when she registered her surname as Borinsky in 1814.5 I conclude that Borinsky was her second husband and stepfather to her children by Froehlich.

The Pless records include orphans Mathusz Froehlich, born 13/08/1801 and "now" in Sohrau, and Elias Froehlich, born January 1802, who moved to Sohrau on 27/10/1826.

Orphans Mathusz and Elias Salomon Froehlich in their respective adoptive families

The Pless records note the marriage of Mathes Borinski born 1801 from Sohrau on 04/11/1824. JRI-Poland records the death of Elias Froehlich "alias Borinski" in Sohrau on 10/02/1829 aged 25 years (a small discrepancy).


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