Johanna (Handel, Hanschel) Gassmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Gross Strehlitz
FatherLoebel (Jehuda, Lieb) Gassmann (1778-87 – 31/05/1861) 
MotherFriederike (Rebeka/Rivka/Eva) Epstein (ca 1792 – 1874) 
Partner Samuel Staub (1823-25 – 1880-81)



Died aged 73 years so born 1820-21. Her death reported by her nephew Markus Apt of Gross Strehlitz.

Her death certificate identifies her parents as Loebel Gassmann and Friederike geb. Epstein of Langendorf. JRI-Poland records the birth of Hanschel to Loebel and Rebecca (a common Hebrew cognate of the German name Friederike) geb. Epstein in Langendorf on 07/12/1820.

MT: No children.

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