Alfred Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
Germany, Berlin
FatherLouis Borinski (28/04/1833 – 08/05/1898) 
MotherBertha Kassel (1835 – 20/02/1900) 
Partner Helene Johanna Fuchs (16/12/1880 – )

Married 07/05/1900 Germany, Berlin



Hans Louis Borinski (18/07/1901 – )

Friedrich (Fritz) Franz Peter Jerom Borinski (17/06/1903 – 04/07/1988)


The Kattowitz Gymnasium yearbook, Easter 1897, tells us that an Alfred Borinski graduated from the Gymnasium at Easter 1884 and that he was a Rechtsanwalt practicing in Breslau. The dates of Alfred's and Karl's graduation from the gymnasium suggests that Alfred was about 4 years younger than Karl, who was born in 1861; I have estimated that Alfred was born about 1865.

His father's death certificate also describes him as a Rechtsanwalt in Breslau in 1898, while his mother's death certificate places him in Berlin in 1900.

Dr. Jur. Alfred Borinski and Louis Borinski's widow Bertha both first appear in the Berlin address books in 1899, the year after Louis' death. Alfred is described in the Berlin address books as a Rechtsanwalt. (At that time the only other Borinski listed in Berlin is a leather trader named Leo; evidence in Rudolf Hugo Moos: Journey of Hope and Despair equates this Leo to Samuel's son, Bertha's nephew.)

According to son Hans' 1901 birth certificate, Helene was Jewish and Alfred was Evangelical.

According to son Freidrich's 1903 birth certificate, both Helene and Alfred were Evangelical.

Alfred's death certificate confirms his Evangelical religion.

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