Friedrich (Fritz) Franz Peter Jerom Borinski

Germany, Berlin
Germany, Bremen
FatherAlfred Borinski (29/06/1865 – 30/08/1912) 
MotherHelene Johanna Fuchs (16/12/1880 – ) 


Graduated from Leipzig University in 1927 and became a doctor of law in 1942.

In 1939 he was living in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK and was described as a teacher of political science and German language.

From a biography on the University of London Institute of Education website: "Fritz Borinski (17 June 1903 - 04 July 1988) was involved in the foundation of Wilton Park and of 'German Educational Reconstruction'. Wilton Park, the Executive Agency of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, was established in 1946 as part of an initiative by Winston Churchill to help re-establish peace and democracy in Europe. Wilton Park took its name from its original home at a prisoner of war (POW) camp, near Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, to the west of London.

The Wilton Park Academic Council was established in 1949 to ensure Wilton Park's academic independence. Its role as a beacon for democracy in Europe was enthusiastically supported by Ernest Bevin, the Foreign Secretary in the post-war Labour Government. The first participants in the conferences held there included some of the most outstanding German POWs in the UK.

Borinski returned to Germany from England in 1947 where he worked to shape the reconstruction of the adult education after 1945. He was a member of the Deutscher Ausschuss fuer das Erziehungs- und Bildungswesen and was Professor Emeritus of the Free University of Berlin.

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