Josef Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
FatherSalomon Nothmann (1788 – 14/03/1847) 
MotherAmalie (Malka) Annemarie Brieger (1796 – 08/06/1861) 
Partner Louise Rosenbaum (15/08/1822 – 18/08/1871)


Rosalie Nothmann (1852 – )

Leopold Nothmann (1854 – 07/08/1854)

Partner Minna Seligsohn (ca 1830 – )

Married 09/03/1874



Joseph Nothmann (20/11/1874 – )


MT gives his date of birth as 13/04/1828 whereas JRI-Poland gives 06/10/1829. His death certificate says he died aged 46 years which fits with the former but not the latter. It also says that he was last married to Minna Seligsohn.

His death certificate names his parents and describes him as a master plumber.

JRI-Poland records the death of Louise Nothmann geb. Rosenbaum, wife of plumber Josef, in Beuthen in 1871.

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