Henriette Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
FatherHirschel (Zvi) Nothmann (14/02/1807 – 13/09/1881) 
MotherJohanna Baender (ca 1820 – 20/06/1859) 
Partner Josef Jereslaw (1838-39 – 14/09/1915)



[stillborn son] Jereslaw (21/05/1875 – 21/05/1875)

[stillborn son] Jereslaw (01/12/1877 – 01/12/1877)


The "Nothmann Chronicle" shows Henriette as a daughter of Hirsch and sister of Julius, which is confirmed by her death certificate. MT's research shows her as a daughter of Julius, and Auerbach does not show her among Hirsh's children. She died a few hours after giving birth aged 25 years, so born 1851-52. As her brother Loebel was born in August 1851, Henriette must have been born in the latter part of 1852.

Death certificate


MT's research;
Felix Auerbach's 1905 Silbergliet - Nothmann tree;
Sonja Delander: Nothmann Chronicle, 1974.

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