Eugen Fraenkel

Poland, Schlesien, Neustadt
Germany, Hamburg
FatherWilhelm Wolf Fraenkel (ca 1820 – ) 
MotherJohanna Haase (28/04/1832 – ) 
Partner Marie Deutsch (23/05/1861 – 12/10/1943)

Married 05/10/1880 Poland, Schlesien, Neustadt



Max Wilhelm Rudolf Fraenkel (07/01/1882 – 21/03/1938)

Margarethe Johanna Fraenkel (28/05/1884 – )

Hans Eugen Fraenkel (12/06/1888 – )


He worked as pathologist and bacteriologist at the Hamburg-Eppendorf Hospital of the University of Hamburg and was the discoverer of the gangrene bacillus (Bacillus Fraenkel, later Clostridium perfringens), having tested it on his own person.

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