Ludwig Halberstaedter

Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
USA, New York, New York City
FatherHermann (Zvi) Halberstaedter (22/01/1826 – 23/03/1880) 
MotherHenriette Prager (02/01/1838 – 26/06/1895) 
Partner Agnes Pflaum (ca 1880 – )



Max Halberstaedter (02/04/1913 – 06/10/2000)


Birth certificate

Ludwig studied medicine in Breslau University, submitting his doctoral thesis in 1903. He was a radiotherapist at the Institut fur Krebsforschung of the Berlin Charite hospital. In 1933 he emigrated to Israel and worked in the Hadassah Hospital and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He died suddenly while on a visit to the United States.

Ludwig adopted Agnes' children by her late first husband: Alberta and Claus. Claus died on 01/11/1975, Alberta died in 2009 aged 104y.

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