William Watson

UK, Durham, Seaham Harbour
Partner Mary Wayman (1764 – 13/04/1845)

Married 11/01/1787 UK, Tyne and Wear, Sunderland


Durham Records Online:
Marriages, Sunderland District - Record Number: 274476.1
Location: Sunderland
Church: Holy Trinity
Denomination: Anglican
11 Jan 1787 William Watson, of Sunderland married Mary Wayman [Wainman], of this parish, by Banns.


Jane Watson (.../07/1784 – )

Ann Watson (15/02/1788 – .../05/1792)

John Watson (1789-90 – .../11/1790)

Mary Watson (.../07/1789 – )

William Watson (ca 1791 – )

Robert Watson (ca 1792 – .../09/1792)

Wayman Watson (21/01/1794 – 1794)

Rachael Watson (.../05 /1795 – )

Wayman Watson (28/10/1795 – 25/04/1866)

Robert Watson (ca 1797 – )

John Watson (17/04/1798 – )

Richard Watson (12/10/1800 – 09/06/1802)

Richard Watson (29/03/1803 – )

Mary Watson (15/05/1805 – )

Ann Watson (30/11/1807 – 07/11/1811)


William and Mary's children have been identified from records available from Durham Records Online and familysearch.org.

From John (1798) onwards, the records of baptisms and burials enumerate the offspring and give both parents' full names, as well as, in some cases, William's profession and address. Records prior to the birth of John (1798) simply name the parents as "William and Mary Watson" so we cannot be certain that the earlier records relate to this couple's children. However, given that John (1798) and Mary (1805) are identified as their fifth son and second daughter respectively the following sequence can be constructed, assuming that children who died in infancy were not accounted for in the enumeration of subsequent children:

ChildBornDiedDied in infancy?Son no.Daughter no.Notes
Jane.../07/1784  Xdaughter of William & Mary Watson, born in July last.
Ann15/02/17881792Yes Xdaughter of William & Mary Watson.
John1789-901790Yes1 son of William & Mary Watson.
Mary.../07/1789 Yes Xdaughter of William & Mary Watson.
Williamca 1791 2 son of William & Mary Watson.
Robertca 17921792YesX son of William & Mary Watson.
Wayman21/01/17941794YesX son of William & Mary Watson.
Rachael.../05 /1795  1daughter of William & Mary Watson.
Wayman28/10/179525/04/1866No3 son of William & Mary Watson.
Robertca 1797 4 of Wearmouth, son of William & Mary Watson.
John17/04/1798 5 5th son of William Watson (native of this parish) & Mary formerly Wayman (native of Bishopwearmouth).
Richard 12/10/180009/06/1802Yes6 6th son of William Watson ([native] of Sunderland,) & Mary Wayman (his wife, [native] of Bishopwearmouth).
Burial: of Maud's Lane, son of William Watson (keelman) & Mary Wayman (his wife).
Richard29/03/1803 7 7th son of William Watson (keelman, native of Sunderland,) & Mary Weyman (his wife, [native of] Bishopwearmouth).
Mary15/05/1805  22nd daughter of William Watson (keelman, native of this parish,) & Mary Weyman (his wife, native of Bishopwearmouth).
Ann30/11/180707/11/1811Yes 33rd daughter of William Watson (running fitter, native of this parish,) & Mary Wayman (native of Bishopwearmouth).
Burial: of Low Street, daughter of William Watson (keelman) & Mary Weyman.

Jane was born two and a half years before William Watson and Mary Wayman were married, and she doesn't figure in the enumeration of their surviving children. She may have been born out of wedlock and died in infancy, or she may have been born to another William and Mary Watson.

Mary (1789) is assumed to have died before the birth of her namesake in 1805, although I have not yet found a record of her death.

1802: Maud's Lane,
1811: Low Street.

1802-1805: Keelman,
1807: Running fitter,
1811: Keelman.
For another definition of a "Running fitter", see blunderingblindlybackwards.blogspot.co.uk.

The only death record I have found for a Mary Watson who could be his wife described her as the widow of Seaham Harbour Master William Watson.

Durham Records Online:
Burials, Sunderland District - Record Number: 538041.2
Location: Sunderland
Church: Holy Trinity
Denomination: Anglican
17 Apr 1845 Mary Watson, of Long Bank, age: 80, died 13 Apr 1845, widow of William Watson (harbour master for Seaham).

... in which case this is probably his death:
Durham Records Online:
Burials, Sunderland District - Record Number: 462972.2
Location: Sunderland
Church: Holy Trinity
Denomination: Anglican
2 May 1837 William Watson, of Seaham Harbour, age: 72.

My 4 x great grandfather.

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