Elisabeth Julie Heller

Germany, Dresden
Partner Fritz Rudolf Otto Heinrich (09/11/1889 – )

Married 20/12/1916 Germany, Berlin, Wilmersdorf


Divorced June 1920.
Partner Erich Nothmann (09/07/1893 – 24/08/1965)

Married 26/11/1921 Germany, Dresden



In 1935 Elisabeth (42) and Horst (12) were booked to sail from Liverpool, England to Montreal, Canada, but their entries are crossed out. Booked to travel with them on a consecutively numbered ticket, and also crossed out, is Franz R. Heinrich (17), presumably Elisabeth's son by her previous marriage. Despite the crossings out, their arrival in Canada in 1935 is recorded.

Elisabeth and Horst emigrated to the USA in 1938, arriving on a sailing from Southampton, England and giving a last permanent address in Tokyo, Japan; Erich didn't travel with them but his address is given as Antwerp.

German records of Jewish residents list an Elisabeth Nothmann of Berlin, Charlottenburg who emigrated to Japan in 1936.

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