Erich Nothmann

Germany, Berlin
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
FatherAdolf Nothmann (19/05/1860 – 13/06/1913) 
MotherAlwine Lustig (04/10/1862 – 01/10/1933) 
Partner Elisabeth Julie Heller (05/07/1893 – 16/12/1954)

Married 26/11/1921 Germany, Dresden


Partner Elisabeth Neubauer (23/12/1908 – 1999)


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Erich went to China in 1934 as a sales representative for the German iron enterprise Otto Wolff. From 1939 to 1941 he lived with his future wife, Elisabeth Neubauer, in Chongquin and Kunming while representing the firms Renault and Michelin. After the Burma Road was blocked by Japanese troops in 1941 and the associated halt in the delivery of cars on this route, he went to Shanghai and subsequently to Argentina and Brazil.

Erich's 1949 visa cites his place of origin as Paris and a passport issued in Shanghai. His 1951 visa gives his place of origin as "R.S. Peña" - presumably one of several places in Argentina named after former president Roque Sáenz Peña. These visas, along with another issued in 1952, are temporary.

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