Franz (Francois, Francis, Frank) Joseph Masur

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherMartin Masur (14/03/1876 – 30/09/1941) 
MotherAdele Miedzwinski (25/05/1879 – 29/01/1978) 
Partner Anita (14/07/1923 – )

Married 27/06/1947 USA, New York, New York City


Frank's Declaration of Intention.
Partner Vera Gertrude Sokol (24/12/1915 – )

Married 06/12/1952 USA, California, Los Angeles


Frank's Petition for US Naturalization.
Partner Inge R Rader (1918-19 – )

Married 13/12/1965 USA, California



Named in his mother's Petition for US Naturalization.

Franz spent the war years in Paris, France and, from October 1942, in Switzerland. In his Declaration of Intention and his Petition for US Naturalization he gives his last residence as Paris and prior to sailing from Cherbourg, arriving in New York City in June 1947. Almost immediately after his arrival he married Anita (maiden name unknown). By 1952 he had re-married.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - arrival in Switzerland.

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