Josef Schlesinger

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
FatherBiniamin Schlesinger (ca 1800 – ) 
Partner Auguste (Gustel) Berta Luft (1827-28 – 24/07/1898)

Married 06/08/1851


JRI-Poland citing Neisse records. This was the civil marriage; a Jewish ceremony took place on 31/10/1850 with Herr Dr. Landesberger from Brieg officiating.


Bernhard Schlesinger (23/09/1851 – )

Clara (Dwerel) Schlesinger (23/02/1855 – )

Fritz (Jerucham) Schlesinger (11/07/1862 – 15/09/1863)

Rosalie Schlesinger (13/09/1869 – ca 1942)


Josef and Auguste held two wedding ceremonies: a Jewish one on 31/10/1850 and a civil one on 06/08/1851.

The marriage record mentions Ohlau in connection with Joseph.

Described as a trader in Clara's birth record.

Aged 63 years and living in Breslau at Teichstrasse 19 when he witnessed daughter Rosalie's marriage in October 1890, so born 1826-27.

A Josef Schlesinger, son of Biniamin, was buried in Kozilska Street Cemetery, Kattowitz, in 1894 ( says 1891) next to an Auguste Schlesinger who died in 1898. Josef died in his 68th year.

My 2 x great grandfather.

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