Ferdinand Karliner

Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
Czech Republic, Theresienstadt concentration camp
FatherBernhard Karliner (29/03/1847 – 18/01/1927) 
MotherBertha Tichauer (17/04/1855 – ) 
Partner Berta Sternberg (26/04/1890 – )


Reported his father's death.

Lived in Breslau at Steinstrasse 11 in ca 1930. He shared the address with Berta Karliner geb. Sternberg, born 26/04/1890, whose status is described as "wife". Ferdinand and Berta were deported from Breslau to Czech Republic, Theresienstadt concentration camp on 31/08/4942. Ferdinand died there; Berta was transported to Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp on 29/01/1943, where she died.

Sources have slightly different dates of birth, although all agree on September 1873: JRI-Poland has the 5th, Breslau synagogue community address list (ca 1930) has the 2nd and records relating to Theresienstadt concentration camp have the 3rd.


cbj.jhi.pl - address in Breslau;
holocaust.cz - Ferdinand;
holocaust.cz - Berta.

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