Pauline Rosenberg

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
FatherMoritz Rosenberg (ca 1795 – ) 
MotherPhilippine Steinauer (ca 1795 – ) 
Partner Louis Wendriner (02/06/1817 – 03/11/1891)


Max Wendriner (03/12/1845 – )

Dorothea Jenny Wendriner (30/01/1847 – )

Ida Wendriner (21/04/1849 – 14/12/1933)

Ludwig Wendriner (13/03/1860 – 04/12/1928)


Fred Halbers gives the details of her birth and death; he places her death in Karlsbad, but it is not clear which of at least three places with this name he means. Her son Ludwig's 1892 marriage certificate says that she last lived in Karlsbad, but likewise does not identify which one.

Fred Halbers also notes that Pauline is buried in Breslau's Lohestrasse (ul. Ślężna) cemetery.

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