Matthew Crosby

UK, North Yorkshire, Wintringham
FatherRichard Crosby (ca 1680 – .../03/1746) 
MotherElizabeth Richardson (.../08/1666 – .../02/1708) 
Partner Mary Otterburn (ca 1725 – )

Married 17/07/1729 UK, North Yorkshire, Thornton Dale


Matthew CROSBY b. 1730 in Thornton dales
Mary CROSBY b. 1731
John CROSBY b. 1733 in Thornton Dale
Elizabeth CROSBY b. 1737 in Thornton Dale
Richard CROSBY b. 1739 in Thorntondale
Stephen CROSBY b. 1741
Ann CROSBY b. 1741 in Thornton Dale
Mary CROSBY b. 1745 in Thornton Dale
Ann CROSBY b. 1747 in Thornton Dale
Thomas CROSBY b. 1750
Hannah CROSBY b. 1753 in Thornton Dale
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Wintringham parish records (1706 Julian): Matthew the son of Richard Crosby was baptized March ixth
"Storm And Company of Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire"

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