Elizabeth Richardson

UK, North Yorkshire, North Grimston
UK, North Yorkshire, Wintringham
Partner Richard Crosby (ca 1680 – .../03/1746)

Married 25/06/1700 UK, North Yorkshire, North Grimston


Wintringham parish records (1707 Julian): Elizabeth the wife of Richard Crosby was buried February 8th - since the only Richard Crosby mentioned in the Wintringham records in this era is the father of Stephen, Elizabeth and Matthew, it can be concluded that this Elizabeth is his wife.
familysearch.org: RICHARD CROSBY m. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON 25 JUN 1700 North Grimston, Yorkshire, England - various researchers propose this to be the Elizabeth who married Richard in the above record, but the reason is unknown although the proximity of North Grimston to Wintringham makes it possible; see for example this submission to familysearch.org and "Storm And Company of Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire".

The above submission to familysearch.org proposes that Elizabeth was born in Scarborough in 1685 (so aged 14-15 when she married, which is unusually young); again the reason is not known. It seems more likely to me that if she is a Richardson then this is her: Wintringham parish records (1672) Elezebeth daug: of Bartholomew Richardson of Scampston bap. June jth; the Wintringham records have no record of her marriage within the parish or of her death as a Richardson. However, an unconfirmed source cites North Grimston records of her baptism and marriage to Richard Crosby, both naming her father as John, so this appears to be the strongest candidate.

The above submission to familysearch.org also proposes that Richard was born around 1680 in Wintringham to a John Crosby, but apart from three burials in 1615, 1658 and 1803 the Wintringham records do not mention any Crosbys in the parish between the demise of the family in the sixteenth century and the birth of Richard's children in the early eighteenth century, so it is likely that Richard was born outside the parish.


Stephen Crosby (11/01/1702 – )

Elizabeth Crosby (1703-04 – )

Matthew Crosby (.../03/1707 – )


Baptised 12/08/1666 in North Grimston.

Buried 08/02/1708 Wintringham.

My 7 x great grandmother.

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North Grimston parish records;
Wintringham parish records;.

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