Fritz Berthold Bartenstein

Poland, Schlesien, Ratibor
? FatherMax Bartenstein (03/03/1859 – ) 
? Mother 
Partner Helene Adele Lewek (10/08/1902 – )

Married 05/06/1923 Poland, Lubusz Voivodeship, Zuellichau


Partner Else Auguste Pick (23/11/1904 – ca 1942)


BPP, a descendant of Martin Pick.


Living in Ratibor at Ring 7 when he married in 1923, and listed at that address in the 1926 Ratibor address book along with Bertha Bartenstein and Max Bartenstein. In the 1914 Ratibor address book Max is listed with Louis Bartenstein at Ring 9. Max owned the property and Louis owned the business there.

Records in JRI-Poland indicate that Max was born to Louis in 1859. I have tentatively suggested that Max was Fritz's father. The Bertha listed in the 1826 address book may be his mother, but may equally be any other relative. His first wife, Helene, whom he married in 1823, is not listed. To confirm this, we need to obtain Fritz's birth certificate, which his marriage certificate identifies as Ratibor number 1904/498.

See also Yair Gill's page on his "Bartenstein side" - possibly another branch of the same family.


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