Henriette Stein

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz, Woysko
Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
FatherSamuel Joseph Stein (1778 – 1860) 
MotherJohanna Cohn (12/05/1817 – 14/08/1893) 
Partner Josef Krebs (ca 1840 – )


Siegfried Krebs (27/10/1867 – )

Arthur Krebs (12/02/1869 – )

Arnhold Krebs (03/10/1873 – )


Mother named in her JRI-Poland birth record as Handel ROSE, for whom there are no other records connecting her to Samuael Stein. Given the similarity between H and S in German script, this could be a mis-reading of COHN.

A Henriette Krebs geb. Stein, daughter of Samuel Stein and Johanna Cohn, born in Gleiwitz, died in Breslau on 12/02/1920 aged 76 years, so born 1843-44.

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