Kurt Max Wienskowitz

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherHugo (Zwi) Wienskowitz (07/05/1873 – 25/05/1940) 
MotherSelma Karliner (08/03/1879 – ca 1942) 
Partner Anna Martha Olezyk (10/09/1907 – 09/09/1992)


Egon Wienskowitz (23/03/1927 – )

Irene Lotte Wienskowitz (01/02/1929 – 13/02/2008)

Renate Edith Wienskowitz (02/04/1934 – 22/12/2003)


Kurt's Gleiwitz residence card shows two addresses followed by his move to Brazil in March 1939 (his temporary admission to Brazil is dated the previous month).

The Gleiwitz residence cards for three Wienskowitz children - Egon (born 1927), Irene (born 1929) and Renate (born 1934) - all have the same addresses as Kurt, and all three left for Brazil on the same date in 1940. The relationship of these children to Kurt is not known: his temporary admission to Brazil says that he is single and does not list any children, and his residence history in Gleiwitz is shorter than that of the children. However, the same three children are listed in the Brazilian permanent visa issued to Anna Wienskowitz geb. Olezyk in 1940. Records of Renate's and Irene's burials in Butantã, Brazil names their parents as Kurt and Anna Wienskowitz.

Kurt is buried in Butantã, Brazil.

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